Hidden Necklace Storage

See those sweet, adorable faces?  Those angelic looking little girls captured in photos at their very sweetest and then transposed onto canvas to hang in our bedroom – they’re hiding something.  They are actually hiding a number of somethings.  Care to guess?

Jewelry!  But, I am guessing you probably got that from the title of the post, right?

I was trying to clean up the top of my dresser the other day and the number of necklaces and random pieces of jewelry that I had laying out without a home was driving me nuts.  I tend to buy a few statement pieces each season and some of them are on the larger side (anyone else hopelessly addicted to Charming Charlie?).  I have always had trouble storing them – the small jewelry armoire I have already takes up too much room on my dresser and didn’t have enough space to hold them anyway.  I didn’t really want to do anything out in the open as I try to keep our bedroom clean and uncluttered.  I realized I had a bunch of hidden, wasted space behind the canvases of my little ones and could easily make it work as storage!

This project took me less than 10 minutes and only cost $5.  I popped over to JoAnn’s and got an 18 pack of small Command Strips which were around $5 with my 50% coupon.  (Thank you Joann’s iPhone app!)

Back when we hung the canvases, my husband drew lines to level the nails and when I took the canvases down, I realized that I never got around to erasing them.  (Whoops)  Regardless, it was serendipity as it helped keep the hooks below the canvas itself but as high as possible – you can see from the picture from my pieces are pretty long so I needed as much space as possible.   I still have a few necklaces that hang down below the bottom of the canvas but I just tuck them up onto the “ledge” inside the canvas and they are perfectly hidden.

Super easy, cheap and really practical.  I do keep a few of the necklaces that I wear all the time in the jewelry box but getting the random pieces out of the way has made them much easier to get to and I find I am actually wearing necklaces more often.  I am toying with ideas of how to get my earrings up and out of the jewelry box too – I will update with what I come up with!

PS – I know that the canvases look like they are hung unevenly – I was snapping photos on my phone and from an angle so it looks super wonky but I pinky swear, they’re perfectly even in person!

PPS – I know that the hooks look like they aren’t even and perfectly lined up, that is because they aren’t.  It is all hidden 99.9% of the time anyway and remember my tagline?  I take that very seriously.

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