101 Things: 3 more items done!

I have checked off another 3 items on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list!  I have completed 23 items and have 9 in progress in less than a year – I am very happy with that!  So, what did I finish?

11. Complete a 26 things project from sh1ft.org – I had this on my first list but never completed it so I am happy to say that I did it and added a little twist!  The official guidelines say to take the pictures yourself – I used pictures from some of my past weddings (That sounds weird – remember, I am a wedding planner!  I have only had one wedding personally.  🙂 ).  It was actually quite difficult but I had a great time doing it.  You can see the completed list over here!  I am planning to give it a shot using personal photos that I do take – I will share that here when I do.

52. Donate blood – My husband’s workplace holds an annual blood drive through the Red Cross and this was the first year I worked up the courage to do it – I am not a needle fan at all so this was a big one for me.  It was actually quite easy – took a whooping 30 minutes and was pretty painless.  I think the worst part was the finger prick in the beginning.

82. Launch new website – I pushed the button and launched the new site for Emilie Duncan Event Planning on November 17!  I love it – so bright and pretty with some great new pictures of recent weddings!

I am hoping to tackle several more items in the next few weeks:

1. Take a class on glass blowing and make a blown glass ornament (Attending a class at Glass Axis)
5. Build a project from ana-white.com (Thinking of this dress up station as a Christmas gift for the kidlets!)
6. Renew my CPR/AED certificate (Taking a class from the Red Cross)
53. Send a care package to a soldier in Iraq (Have two family members overseas and will be sending Christmas packages to them both)
60. Buy toys and drop them off at Children’s Hospital for kids who have to spend Christmas in the hospital.
61. Drop flowers off at a nursing home and ask them to give them to someone who has no visitors
80. Bake a loaf of bread without a bread machine
91. Complete Vendor Conversations with Dress Shops

Wish me luck!

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