Memory Ornament

When Randy and I got married, we decided to collect ornaments for our Christmas tree.  After 9 years of marriage, our tree is now filled with ornaments symbolizing points in our lives like new houses and new babies and from places we have lived, the universities we attended, places we have traveled, etc.  I love getting them out each year and remembering the origin of each.

This year I decided to start a new tradition and create an ornament every year with the high points (and some low points) from the past year.  This was so simple to do I am kicking myself for not doing it before now and while you could probably absolutely figure out how to make these on your own, I give you my tutorial:

All you’ll need is a pack of glass ornaments from your local craft store.  I picked up a 4 pack of the larger ornaments from Michael’s for under $5.

Step 1:  Write a line or two about different events or milestones from the year – you can hand write or I used Word because my handwriting looks like I paid a fortune for medical school.  We included happy memories (Ellie starting preschool, Abby starting to walk, our vacations and work accomplishments for mom and dad), unhappy but important things (my mother in law and grandmother in law passing away) and mundane things (how old we all are and how long we’ve been married).

Step 1.5: Drink a little wine and snack on the Cherry Cordial M&M’s you picked up from CVS on Black Friday.

Step 2: Cut each memory into its own strip and roll.  Yes, I used the straw from a sippy cup.  Because you have to use what you have at hand and it was right there.   And really, it serves double duty – the straw can be used in the wine too.

Step 3: Slip the rolls of paper inside ornament and replace the top/hanger.

Step 4: Hang out of curious toddler’s reach because said child is a maniac and will likely think it is an apple and try to eat it.

Step 5: Finish wine and M&M’s and enjoy the Christmas tree with your lovely new ornament.

A few more notes:

*I plan to dig out my Cricut and add the year in vinyl to the ornament so I can differentiate them as we add one each year.

*As the kids get older, I can also see doing one for each of them every year with their personal highlights as well as the family events for them to start their own trees someday but I would try to keep notes throughout the year rather than holding a wine and M&M fueled remembering session like this year.

*I am planning to have Ellie write her name and slip that in there as well – Abby will wait until next year when she can hopefully write or scribble without eating the crayon.

Told you it was super simple.

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