Hidden Necklace Storage

Craft Binge-Girl's Canvases

See those sweet, adorable faces?  Those angelic looking little girls captured in photos at their very sweetest and then transposed onto canvas to hang in our bedroom - they're hiding something.  They are actually hiding a number of somethings.  Care to guess? Jewelry!  But, I am guessing you probably got that from the title of the post, right? I was trying to clean up the top of my dresser the other day and the number of necklaces and random pieces of jewelry that I had laying out … [Continue reading...]

Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar

Craft Binge: Santa Advent Calendar

This was an easy one that took me about 20 minutes from start to finish - gotta love quick projects! Ellie is in love with all things Christmas but like all 4 year olds, she has no concept of time and hates waiting.  She gets that from me.  The hating to wait thing, I totally get time now that I am older than 4.  I knew I wanted to do an advent calendar for her this year but wanted it to be really visual and so when I saw a Santa's beard calendar/countdown on Pinterest, I was so … [Continue reading...]

101 Things: 3 more items done!

I have checked off another 3 items on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list!  I have completed 23 items and have 9 in progress in less than a year – I am very happy with that!  So, what did I finish? 11. Complete a 26 things project from sh1ft.org – I had this on […]

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Memory Ornament

Craft Binge-Memory Ornament

When Randy and I got married, we decided to collect ornaments for our Christmas tree.  After 9 years of marriage, our tree is now filled with ornaments symbolizing points in our lives like new houses and new babies and from places we have lived, the universities we attended, places we have traveled, etc.  I love […]

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Are you on Pinterest?  I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new people to follow so please leave a comment or just follow me on Pinterest and I will start following your boards! Emilie’s Pinterest Expect to see some of the projects from my Craft Binge board appear on this blog!

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101 Things in 1001 Days

Craft Binge: 101 Things

Well, hello again out there!  Been quite a while since I last updated which is, quite frankly, super duper pitiful but I promise to be better with posting my crafting successes, failures and everything between!  I also plan to use Craft Binge as a way to keep track of my progress on my 101 Things […]

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Joy to the World Bricks


Just a quick one this evening! I love these little glass bricks.  They have an opening on one end so I stuffed some white curling ribbon to each one and added the vinyl letters – super simple and super cute on the mantel!   If you look super closely at the bottom of the snowflake […]

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December Cabinet Calendar


I am a bit behind on posting this but here is my December Cabinet Calendar! A close up on New Year’s Eve and the pile of presents including the nicely wrapped dog bone for our golden Truman the Dog. “With the stockings all hung in a row…” I used my Cricut Expression, Gypsy and several […]

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Catalog Inspiration – Crate and Barrel


Crate and Barrel Christmas catalog arrived the other day and I found some very fun inspiration to work from: I LOVE this felt pillow!  I feel like I could totally do this even though there is sewing involved – different green felt circles on red felt with a pillow form.  I am sure it will […]

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Catalog Inspiration – Signals


If you are anything like me, you receive somewhere close to your body weight in catalogs every month! While I am a big online shopper, I am not a huge catalog shopper and I have absolutely no idea how or why I am on so many mailing lists. Consider this a quiet complaint because they […]

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